New Batch of Model Escorts in Mumbai – Nov. 2018

New batch of model escorts are ready to celebrate the year-end with you. Thus, elite people can get the new choices at this year-end. This is an attempt made by us every year to keep our stock fresh and young. Thus, if you are a new customer, you will get a chance to experience the quality of Leather currency.

Moreover, for our regular clients, this is just information. In addition, this is an invitation to experience the escort service in Mumbai with our new collections.

Get the better Mumbai escorts service experience

High Profile Mumbai Escorts Leather Currency is famous for its commitments towards their clients. Thus, we believe to get the feedback, and act to improve our standard. Every year, our team is getting more mature and more focused. Thus, every time you hire any high-profile escort, you feel the difference.

Nevertheless, like other time, we only offer high-class escorts. Thus, we are only inviting high-society people. Only they can afford and deserve to get the pleasure from the high-profile escorts. Thus, if you visited this portal first time, please check your budget before making any call.

Only Out-call Escort Service – 4-star or 5-star hotels

Our escorts are very high-class females. Thus, they only prefer the best ambience and location to meet the clients. In Bombay, there are many five star hotels are present. To host our Mumbai escort girls, you will need to book a room in them. In addition, you will need to contact us to verify your details. Then only, we will be able to serve you.

Moreover, if you are planning to visit Mumbai in coming future, still you can contact us to get the details. Our executive will be happy to help you…

Escort Service in other cities…

Once you successfully get the service from Leather Currency, you will be eligible to get the service in other cities too. This is a single window concept, and helps you to get the service from the verified and genuine escorts. Thus, if you are concern about the secrecy and security, Leather Currency is the best medium for you…

Elite Class Escorts in Bengaluru By Leather Currency

To make the Bangalore escorts service more advance, we facilitate Bollywood model escorts in Bangalore. Thus, now no need to compromise, because Leather Currency gives you a chance to hire elite-class escort in Bengaluru city.

In addition, we have provision to provide local girls to our clients. Thus, you can contact us to hire south Indian models, local college girls, and high-society homemaker to escort you.

Call to Host the High-Profile Escort at Your Hotel Room

High Profile Escorts Bangalore

Model Escorts and High Profile Escorts in Bangalore

Leather Currency deals in high-profile escorts services. Thus, the classes of our girls are far above than the local hookers. Our girls are not the professional call girls. They are in erotic business to get some fun. Thus, comfort is their major priority. If you can manage to book a hotel room, or afford to pay as per their demand, then they will give you more pleasure. In addition, for the security point of view, hotels are safer than any privet place.

Nevertheless, we have a provision to provide escort services to the privet place. However, this facility is only available for our existing clients. Thus, if you are a first timer for Leather Currency, you can get the high-profile escort at hotel in Bangalore.

Our Girls are More Sexy, Beautiful, and Proactive than other Escort Agencies of Bangalore

Girls are joining the Leather Currency, to satisfy some of their hidden desires. Lust is one of them. They do want to experience multiple one-night stands. Thus, high-class escorts of Leather Currency are more proactive from others.

In addition, we have strong criteria during the selection procedure. Before enrolling a girl with us, we make sure that she should be physically fit, and attractive. Thus, major sections of our girls are model escorts. Moreover, those are not, they also extremely sexy and hot. Thus, to get the best escort in Bangalore, Leather Currency is the best agency for you.

How to Contact Best Escort Agency of Bangalore

It is simple. Visit our contact page, and dial on the mobile number given there. Alternatively, you have an option to fill the contact form. However, we give priority to the phone call. It will help us to understand you more. Thus, to get the instant booking, or for inquiry, feel free to call us.

An Invitation for Bangalore escorts service by High Class Model Escort

Money Attracts!¬† That’s the fact of life. And I believe the same. I choose to become a model escort because my aspirations are higher than others of my age. I am not alone. There are many other high class female escorts are present in this city and other cities of India. We all are working as a escort service provider under the banner of Leather Currency.

Ritu Verma and Ankita Ahuja (XMoon) are the part of same network, and we all girls trust this brand. There is a big reason behind our decision to choose LC. The main reason is reliability. This organization is run by genuine people. They know about our background, thus they understand our choice and deals with elite class people only. In addition, they maintain the secrecy of our real profile and never contact us upfront. Whenever we girls are ready to provide escort service in Bangalore, or in other city, we let them know. And they get the job for us as per our convenience.

Treat an escort girl like a Queen, and she will give you the status of King!
Model Escort in Bangalore

Model Escort Bangalore

In any profession, respect matters. Likewise, in escort service, mutual respect between client and escort girl is the best way to develop a bond. High profile escorts are not falls in the category of road side hookers and cheap call girls. The entire high class model escort like me wants to spend good time with reasonable person. Because, during the service, we want to see the mirror image our dream boy in our client. It is possible, and it happens all the time. We girls are preferred to act like a girlfriend escort. Thus, we all high profile escorts are searching for boyfriend like client. But, it doesn’t mean that we are only looking for young age guys. We prefer mature personalities and sensible people.

Escorts Service in Bangalore for VIP Class

This section is about Bangalore escort service. And, you are here to find the young and high profile female companion for you. And, I must say that you are at right place. Because, LC is the only escort company which provide high class escorts in Bangalore and pan India to the VIP class. Therefore, to get model escort in Bangalore, you do need to contact Leather Currency. And, I assure you that, you will get the same girl, what they offer you during the booking.

Local High Profile Escort agencies of Bangalore working under the brand name of Leather Currency

High Profile female escorts in Bangalore – Under Ritu’s Escort Agency

model escort Mumbai

This time Leather Currency gives a chance to the citizens of Bangalore to taste the North Indian flavors. Therefore, we have made an arrangement with the local escort agency of Bangalore, which is Ritu’s Bangalore escort agency.
That agency is already popular in Bangaluru as a den of high profile escorts. But, to add extra spice, from now, we supply them the contacts of real models and celebrity escorts. This will help them to provide real model escort and celebrity escort in Bangalore. In addition, we have a database of 1000’s of high society female escorts. And, we have decided to share them with Ritu. Thus, if you are searching for the most beautiful and high class escort in Bangalore, you can contact Ritu, or you can contact us directly for the booking.

Point to Remember

  • We are only dealing in elite class profiles. Thus, only VIP or elite class people are requested to contact us.
  • Our price range is on higher side. And, we do now want any comparison. We are dealing in very high and exclusive segment. And, people of that class only understand the value of profile and real beauty.
  • Before asking for the celebrity escort service, you will need to verify yourself. There are many ways of verification, which will be disclosed during the telephonic conversation.
  • We value secrecy and privacy, and expect the same from our client. Thus, after the completion of any deal, we expect you to delete all the files related to our model escorts.

We hope that this move of Leather Currency will definitely help the residents and guests of Bangalore. And, if you also want to get benefited, feel free to contact us, or visit

Model Escorts in Mumbai – Only for High Class Society

We provide Model escorts to the elite class people in Mumbai. If you also want to get one for your personal fun, contact us now!

The procedure to hire a model escort is different from getting a regular escort service. This is because, models are working independently, and do not stays in any property belong to escort agencies. In addition, real models are only working for reputed and reliable escort agencies like Leather Currency.

Thus to get a high class escort service in Mumbai, you need to arrange a meeting place by yourself. And, it must be less than a 4 star hotel room. By the way, apart from your hotel booking process, you will need to contact us on given number. During the telephonic discussion, our operator will help you to get the pictures of model escorts. You can make your selection from the pics provided by our agent.

Model EscortsYasminKatrinaRitu Verma





Types of High-Profile Escorts available in Mumbai

Basically there are three types of high society escorts. The brief descriptions of them are given below:

  • High Profile Model Escorts: These are the very well known females of the glam world. Even you can get the knowledge of their profile from Google search. These girls are exclusively available for verified elite-class clients. Moreover, these girls are power hunger. Thus, only extreme elite-class people can afford their service.
  • Low Profile Model Escorts: These are the girls, which are struggling to get set in glam world. Thus, to arrange luxury lifestyle, they provide escort service in Mumbai. These girls are comparatively less popular, but equally beautiful and talented like high profile models.
  • Start-up Model Escorts: These are the girls, which recently started their career. Some of them are still in college. These girls are mostly appears in product promotion campaigns. Some of them are showcasing products in TV channels, and e-commerce portals. Because of their low profile career, these girls are available in low budget.

Best Practice (Step by Step Guide To Hire Model Escort)

Before proceeding further, we would like to make you aware that many fraud escort agencies are also present in this city. And, it is tough to find out the reliability of any escort agency in very first deal. Therefore, for your convenience, we are writing here the steps to get the high class escorts in Mumbai.

  • Stay away from the false claim: There are many escort agencies present, those who claim to provide model escorts in very low price. Sometime they claim that you can get models at a price of 15 to 20 thousand rupees. Ask yourself, is it possible? The answer is NO. In that amount, you can get very regular kind of call girls. But, to trap the clients, these agencies provide the pictures of models, and once the deal done, they will send some other hooker.
  • Always start from small deal: It is true that you will never get a model escort by paying 15 to 20 thousand. But, that amount will help you to understand the class of that particular escort agency. Moreover, you cannot get any girl from Leather Currency in that amount. Because, our range for high class escort service is starting from Rs. 30,000/-. And if you still want a girl of 15 to 20 thousand categories, then we will also provide the very regular kind of call girl in that range.
  • Go Slow: After making a first deal, and getting a good profile, go to the next step. Now, as you are familiar with the escort agency, thus you can demand for real model escort. But again, we suggest you to get a slow start, and do not deal above 1 Lakh rupees.
  • Do what you want to do: After few deals, you can trust the escort agency. Thereafter, you will be capable to deal in any range.

Why Leather Currency?

We are the most reliable escort agency of India. And, we are providing escort services in all the major cities. In addition, as a professional escort agency, we gain the trust from years. We do not want to lose our clients and our prestigious brand. We have a base in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. Thus, you can book escort service in all the mentioned cities from our prestigious escort agency “Leather Currency”.

Pune Escort Place – Now get a service in Pune.

GOOD NEWS for the people of Pune escort service lovers. Apart from our individual unit in Pune, we made a business tie-up to provide better service in Pune. Thus, our new venture will reduce your efforts, and people of Pune can get high profile escorts in Pune. In addition, we continue to provide support to Tina Desai, thus from now, people of Pune have 3 agency options. First one directly belong to Pune Unit of Leather Currency, Second agency belong to Tina, and the new one i.e. “Escort Place” is another agency.

As we all are together now, thus from now elite class people of Pune can experience better service and get the best female escorts in Pune.

Pune Escort Place Girls

Girls in Pune Escort Place

Pune Escort Place Ranked No. 1 in Pune

Visit Pune escort place. New age girls are available to satisfy your desires. Presented by Leather Currency. Bold and extrovert high class escorts from colleges, and model escorts from Mumbai. Call us to book your appointment.

In addition, we are getting huge response from the young college girls of Pune. Many of them joined us, and now they are the part of our company. Thus, from our side, we offer student escort as well in Pune

For more details about our latest move, please visit the website of Pune Escort Place.

Celebrity Model Escort – Rits


I am Rits, an independent and high profile female escort. I am here to inform you about me and endorse my services. Recently I joined Leather Currency, thus I have decided to write here and aware public about my presence in this most trusted escort service company Leather Currency.

I am a Bangalore based Girl, and most of the time I am serving in Bangalore. With me, many other females are present, and as I am now a proud member of LC, thus I make them join also to this most elite class escort service provider.

Model Escort (3)

Escort Service in Mumbai

As now I am a member of celebrity model escort segment of Leather Currency, thus I am also available to cater high class escort service in Mumbai. And as I am a very attractive girl, thus my presence will definitely help Leather Currency to serve their elite class client better. In addition, some of my female friends from Bangalore also travel to Mumbai to share their personal erotic moments with the high society persons of Mumbai. Thus this effort of mine will helps many to satisfy their sexual desires. And I am very sure that Bangalore based girl like me and my friends will gives you a south Indian type of sexual pleasure, which will give you a different experience. You simply need to contact Leather Currency for celebrity model escort experience in Mumbai.

Model Escort – Ankita Ahuja

Hello friends,

Today I am in good mood because finally I got a chance to join Leather Currency as a Model escort. I am in this field from last 1 year, and till date I met many elite class persons. Even I have my own personal website Xmoon, and I also associated with Mumbai Fun. And now, I am also linked myself with Leather Currency. This association of mine with this most trusted escort agency will help me to get more contacts of high profile persons, whom I can provide escort service in Mumbai. Even in some cases I am willing travel to other cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmadabad and Goa to provide escort services in respective cities.

model escort ankita

Model Escort Ankita

My presence for Mumbai Escorts Service

I am a professional Model, thus for me Mumbai or Bollywood is the best place to live. Thus I booked a flat in posh locality of Andheri-East, Mumbai. In addition, I have my own car. Therefore I can travel anywhere in Mumbai without any hassle. Moreover, as a model escort my position is secure in Leather Currency, but I do not want to disclose my real identity. Thus to know more about me, and to hire me for Mumbai escort service, you will need to contact Leather Currency. I have told them all my conditions and service charges. Thus, you can get the details, photos etc. about my profile from them. Also, I would like to make it very clear that to accompany me; you will have to make the arrangement of accommodation, which will be not less than any privet room in any five star-hotels.

My responsibilities as a Model escort

As I am a professional model escort, thus I have an understanding of my responsibilities and duties during the service sessions. And as my personality is very attractive, thus on my presence your lust will be definitely on its highest level. In addition, I will make you comfortable, and make you realize that we are in love and I am your girlfriend since long. Thus, you can play with me as long as you want.

I think a small hint is enough to make you understand about my performance during the love making session. At the end, I would like to invite you formally, and to get the invitation passes please contact Leather Currency.


Hire Real Celebrities and TV serial escorts Anywhere in India

As a professional escort agency Mumbai Fun appreciate all the efforts taken by Leather Currency to maintain the quality service in Indian Escort industry. Only because of them now it is possible to hire real celebrities and TV serial escorts anywhere in India. In addition, they also support other genuine escort agencies like us to maintain the quality in Model escort service.

Mumbai Fun understands that, it is important to maintain the quality service and supply of high profile escorts to the elite class people. Thus we have decided to make an agreement with Leather Currency, where we both can share our resources. This treaty helps the high class escort girls to share a common platform where they can register and offer erotic services to the Indian escort service seekers.

Indian Actress Escorts

Aim To Provide High Profile Escort Service

Our common agenda behind this agreement is to provide best choices in high profile escort service segment, where people can hire celebrity escorts, model escorts and TV actress escorts easily. Our common booking platform (mobile number mentioned in this website) also helps the users to register or verify themselves by taking escorts service once. After verification (once you get the first escort service from us in Mumbai), verified member (known client) will be eligible to hire most elite segment escorts (actress escorts) of the country. In popular escort segment, we have choices like famous Bollywood celebrity escorts, South Indian Celebrity escorts and Television actresses.

Celebrity Escorts

We assure you that, if you are interested in hiring real elite class girls of the Indian escort industry, then Leather Currency is the best choice for you.

Model Escort – Neha Rathod

Welcome friends, We provide Model Escorts in Mumbai. Thus, to get a high profile fun in Mumbai, must contact us.

This is Model escort Neha Rathod. I am here to offer you best escort service in Mumbai. Apart from modeling I am very active in sports. I like swimming, and almost every day I used to swim in my personal swimming pool. In addition I like to play Table-Tennis and Billiards. I belongs to a affluent family, thus prosperity is not the real reason behind my choice to become a model escort. Usually I work for MumbaiFun. But later I came to know that Leather Currency is the only brand in adult industry which deals in most high profile escort services. Thus I make a firm decision to join Leather Currency, and now ready to seduce the high society males of the world.

Model Escort

Model Escort

World Escort Service

I am open to travel anywhere, within Mumbai, or outside Mumbai like Bangalore and Delhi, or even outside India. If you are a regular client of Leather Currency, than only I can provide you the escort service. I do not want to meet those who are first timers, because I am quite concern about my security and secrecy of my real identity.

I am open to travel with you, even you can take me to holiday destinations like Goa, Singapore, Daman, Dubai etc. The service charges will be disclosed later by my manager. You can contact him by calling the mobile number mentioned in this website. I wish I can get some friend who can satisfy all my sexual desires. If you belief that you are the one than act now.