Leather Currency exclusively deals in High Profile segment, so do not expect low-class female escort from this agency. We categorize girls on the basis of their demands and rates. So you need to choose the budget for 1 session, and then multiply it with number of sessions you want. For example; if you choose a budget of 30000 for 1 session, than our executive will provide you the options of that range only, then you have to choose among those options only. Then if you wish for 2 sessions, than the total service charge will be 30000 x 2 = Rs.60000.

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Service Rates…

  • Rs. 30000 for 1 Session.
  • Rs. 60000 for 1 Session.
  • Rs. 80000 for 1 Session.
  • Rs. 1, 20,000 for 1 Session.
  • Rs. 1.5 Lakh for 1 session.
  • More budget options are only available for known clients.

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