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Model Escort – Nidhi Tiwari

Hello friends, I am another girl working for Leather Currency Mumbai escorts service. Like other high class escorts of Leather Currency, I am also work in an Indian Glamor Industry. I am a ramp model as well, and got a chance to appear in many ramp shows. In addition, I am appeared in many product catalogs of many Indian and International brands. This is my own choice to work as a model escort, and I love this job. This job helps me to satisfy my desires, as well as it helps me to make lifetime friends.

Model Escort Nidhi

Model Escort Nidhi

As a escort girl I experience freedom, as this is the only field where a female can freely express their sexual desires and act according to fulfill the sex desires. But I am not interested in meeting any random guy. I like those males those are achievers and hold a strong position in society. I like to accompany high society males like Businessman, Politicians, Directors of MNC’s, and other high earning gentlemen.

Hire Me for Escort Service in Mumbai

You can hire me to satisfy your highest level of sexual desires. In addition, you can book me as a eye candy for a party or social gatherings. Moreover, I am a professional model escort. Thus, to experience escort service in Mumbai with me, you will need to contact Leather Currency. And if you want me to visit your city, then that option is also open for the verified clients of this Indian escort agency.

Well I think, a little introduction is enough to make you understand that I am a Model Escort. I am beautiful with natural big boobs. My vitals are 35(C)-26-36. My complexion is very fare and I am a UP based girl. To know more about me and to enjoy accompany of Model escort like me you will have to make a little effort, i.e. you need to make a phone call to the mentioned number. Hope we will meet soon. Thanks.

Model Escort – Kanishka

High Class Escorts in Mumbai by Model Escort Kanishka. Real High Profile girl for high society clients…

Hello Friends, I am Kanishka Mallik. I am an Independent Model escort, providing escort services in Mumbai. This is my personal forum provided by Leather Currency to socialize myself as a high class escort girl. I know it’s a kind of taboo in our society, but I do not care about it. But, as I have reputed family background thus to protect the name of my family I am secretly maintaining this profile.

Model Escort

Model Escort

Mumbai Escort Service

The main motive behind appearing as model escort is my own sexual desires. In addition, because of this profile I got a chance to meet high society people of the country. Presently I am staying in Mumbai, and associated with few modeling agencies. In addition, I am trying my luck in acting field. Apart from acting job, I am working for Mumbai Escort service under the roof of Leather Currency. Thus if you want to hire a high class girl like me then you need to make a request to Leather Currency. The process is will explain you in phone, thus just make a phone call and meet me for the escort service in Mumbai.

Want to Hire High Profile Escort in Delhi?

High Profile Escort Delhi

Do you desperate to hire a high profile escort in Delhi? If yes, then you need to contact Leather Currency. Because LC is the only national escort agency which can transport the high profile girl from one city to another to satisfy the erotic desires of elite class persons.

Delhi Escort Service by Leather Currency. Model Escorts are available to entertain you personally.

Most of the model escorts are staying in Mumbai, because that is the best place to get fame. Thus, our Mumbai escort segment has the maximum number of high class escort girls. In some other cities like, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh etc. also have small scale or regional glamour industry present. The girls of those cities are also in our network, Thus we can give the maximum choices to the elite class people based on their budgets.

High Profile Escort in Delhi for Elite Class

High Profile Escort in Delhi

For Delhi, we have two options, one is local or regional Model escorts. And the second one is Mumbai Based Model escorts. If your budget is low, and you want to spend minimum for the high profile escort in Delhi, then you will have option to choose regional model escort girls. But, if your budget allows you to hire elite class escort girls in Delhi, then you can request us to get celebrity escorts for you from Mumbai. But before hiring celebrity escorts, you will have to prove that you are a real buyer, and you can afford to pay for actress escorts. To check you and your intentions, we can ask you to hire model escorts from us. Once you fulfill that condition, then only we can give you access to know about Bollywood actress escorts, and on demand we can provide you that also.

To proceed further, you need to contact leather currency. And it is our advice that call on mentioned number directly, so that you can get best support.

Hire a Slut this summer…

Escorts Services in Summer

Hello friends,

I am here to give you some tips for this summer, especially, if your wife and kids have a plan go to your native place to enjoy their summer holidays. And because of your Job responsibilities, you can’t go anywhere and staying alone. We understand that you are feeling low, as you are tired of your regular job schedule and fulfilling the demands of your family.

Escorts Services in SummerWell, I am here to turn your tough time into an opportunity. The biggest thing is “YOU ARE ALONE“. And this is the best time to relive your college days. This is the time for you to make new friends and few love relations for short-time.

By understanding the need of middle-class people, Leather Currency launched a new segment of escort services, in which we will provide beautiful girls @ low price. The rate for Middle Class escort service is starting from Rs.8000, in which beautiful girls of middle-class families can meet you to give you companionship service. You will have a option to call us and ask us for high profile escorts service too, but the fare for the time slot of such girls are starting from Rs.25000 to 30000. If you can spend, then you can hire them also.

Our services are running at different cities of India, and we cover almost every part of the city. For example, in Mumbai, we provide in Navi-Mumbai area, Thane, Andheri, and Colaba etc. Similarly in Bangalore, we cover all localities like Someshwarpura, Malleswaram-Rajajinagar, Electronic City, Whitefield, Richmond Town, MG Road etc. In Pune, we majorly focus on Koregaon Park (KP) and Viman Nagar area, including Kalyani Nagar and Hadapsar. But that doesn’t mean that we left other areas, we cover other localities too. Similarly we present in almost all localities. Thus wherever you are, you can contact Leather Currency for escort services.

Ritu Verma: Delhi Based Escort Girl Serving in Bangalore

Ritu Verma

Want to know who is our favorite girl in Bangalore? Here is the answer… Her name is Ritu Verma. She is a beautiful and stylish Delhi based girl working as a full time escort girl in Bangalore. Previously she used to work in some modeling agency and cater the promotional activities of big brands.

Now a day, she is helping us, and working for us and providing escort services in Bangalore. She is a part of our company and official representative of Leather Currency Bangalore.

Bangalore Escort Girl Ritu Verma

Ritu VermaShe has a connections in modeling industry, thus it is easy for her to enroll the glamorous girls from Bollywood for escort services. This helps us provide better quality to our clients, as well as it helps us to maintain the freshness in our company. We have a ample stock of girls, thus throughout the year you can hire escort girl from us every day… And if you have capability and budget to enjoy with two girls at a time then you can do that also.

To Hire Bangalore Escort Girl Ritu Verma in Bangalore, for escort service, kindly contact Leather Currency. Or You can visit Bangalore escort service website.

Our main focus is providing excellent girls to cater escort services in India, including in Bangalore. And most of the time we prefer to enroll Model escorts, because these girls are beautiful, as well as health conscious.

Use this information, and visit the official page of Ritu Verma ( to contact her about the escort services in Bangalore.

Are You Monogamy? Yes or No!


polygamyAre you one of them who are planning to leave your girlfriend or your wife? Why? The reasons are many, but one of the major reasons is irritating behavior of your girlfriend or wife… Especially when you are in lovemaking mood, and you girlfriend or wife gives you excuse that she is not in a mood or feeling seek. Believe me, that all is just fabricated excuses… As a female, I can understand the mentality of females better…

We all are animals, and like other animals we also have some basic needs. Sex is one of the basic needs of all of us. But, our society fabricates some rules which implies on us and bound us for monogamy. But the question is, dose our society have power to change our natural instincts… The answer is NO. We all are polygamy, and nature creates us like that. We all loves to make love/sex with multiple partners, and in monogamy we are getting bore after some time. Multiple Love affairs, extra-marital affairs proves my point better. But our society is still not mature, and not ready to understand that no law can restrict us to making multiple relations.

As we all are living in this society, thus it is a important for us to follow the rules of our society, but how long?

Importance of Escort Services

Escort ServicesEscort Service is a medium which gives a equal opportunity to male and female to make multiple sex relations. The main factor of these services is the condition of discreetness. The escort services provided by Leather Currency in India are the purest form polygamist society, where high class males and females contact LC and registered themselves.

Is it a Taboo?

We love to tag others, thus those females are open-minded and making multiple sex relations, we are tagging those prostitutes or sluts. But what about the men who involve in making multiple relations? What we call them? A Womanizer, Right?

Don’t you think this society need some more clear concepts? Well that is not our issue. There are many extrovert Leather Currency Females, who are available for sex with some conditions. They are beautiful, thus you need to treat them like your girlfriend. And they only want to make relations with people of high class, so that they can enjoy with them as well. There are many females registered with Leather Currency, and now they all are available as a escort girl in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chandigarh. If you wish to hire me, or other high class females than you can… But you need to make it sure that you will have to satisfy our sexual desires, as well as you will have to pay for our time. If you are agreed on mentioned conditions, then you can visit There you can find the details about the booking procedures. Like me, many other high class girls are also present there. You can also get to know about them too. I hope this article will help you to find a better way to become polygamy. If you like this article, do not forget to like it and share it with your friends. Thanks.

Rits; Bangalore Escort Service

model escort

Hello friends, here I am going to introduce Rits Bangalore Escorts services. This is the one of the Leather Currency verified escort agency, which is popular for providing most attractive girls in Bangalore. This agency is quite new, but performing outstandingly. This agency becomes popular very fast and hiring girls very rapidly to maintain the freshness in their agency. This agency does provide model escorts, air-hostess, college girls and sometimes foreigner females for escort services in Bangalore.

Our members also verified their details and hire girl from this agency. If you wish to hire girls from this agency, then you can. This agency is completely safe and verified by LC Members.

You can also contact Leather Currency to book a model for Bangalore escort agency. You can use this as a centralized medium of booking. Our network is vast, and we provide our services in all major metros of India.

model escort

Priya Agnihotri

Independent Escort Pune

Hello, I am Priya Agnihotri. I am an student of Masters of Business Management. Recently I came to know that by working as a Independent escort I can earn as well as learn the reality of life. Actually one of my friends already working as a escort girl in Pune. So, today I am announcing my entry as high class escort. Anyone who can pay Rs. 15000 for my erotic performances can contact on given number to hire me.

There are few more friends are mine are already joined the Independent escort Pune agency. Thus here you have a privilege to contact and date many high class call girls. I hope, you will contact me soon to start our dating session.

Priya Agnihotri

Leather Currency Mumbai Escorts Service

escort service Leather Currency

Leather Currency Mumbai Escorts service is the premium range of service in which we can suggest the most high society female escorts for dating. Right now we have a list of more than 500 high profile models that are available for adult dating. In addition, we have tied up with some elite class Mumbai escort agencies like “MUMBAIFUN” and “XMoon“. Our main motive is to give you right girl, so that you can enjoy safe and easy dating session with the high profile prostitutes of Mumbai.

Elite Class Escort Girls

escort service Leather Currency

Some elite class girls like Ankita Ahuja, Bhumika Pandit, Ritu Verma, Tina Desai are also in network. These girls are belongs to different cities of India, and with their help we are growing our network rapidly.

Our mission is to provide single point of contact to satisfy your all type of erotic desires. We are very close to archive our target. As of now we are providing escort services in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Jaipur. Our plan is to start our operations in other cities of India where people have potential to pay for the escort services.