About Us

Leather Currency is a professionally operated escort entertainment company, which appoints models / actresses and independent escort girls and trained them for the escort entertainment business. Our motive is to provide luxury experience to the elite class persons of the country, thus we expands our business to the multiple metros of INDIA.
For quality and secrecy, we adopt professional criteria and these leading us to the country’s Leading Escort entertainment company. Till date we serve 10000 plus HNI’s / VIP’s and the counting is growing day by day. We believe in philosophy of spreading love, thus we are motivating people to spend their money for their pleasure and discourage them to buy weapons. We also believe that life is too short to satisfy all the desires, but at-least we can help people to satisfy their one desire, which is desire of making multiple sex-partners. Most of the acts of our life is motivated by the desire of sex, even religious books also motivate us to do good acts, so that in haven we can get hur-pari or apsaras. But we are giving such chance to get the company of attractive females on earth, so no need to wait for the death to get hoor-pari or apsaras, you can get them here on earth by simply contacting Leather Currency.