• High Profile Mumbai Escorts Service

    There are only few who can afford high-profile escorts in Mumbai. And those who can afford, they need to contact Leather Currency or its verified escort agencies to hire real high-class model escorts and actress escorts.

  • Actresses for Escort Service in Mumbai

    When we say high-profile escorts, we mean it. Thus we provide film and TV actresses for escort service in Mumbai. We also provide exclusive actress escorts in other cities India. Therefore if you are in Delhi, Kolkata or in Bangalore, you can contact us to hire actresses for escort service in your city.

  • Model Escorts

    Apart from other high-class girls, Leather Currency also provides female model escorts in Mumbai. Thus, if you desire to hire female model to accompany you during night or even in daylight, you can contact us. There are approx 200 model escort and 250 struggling females of modeling industry are our members. Therefore whenever we get a request from you about the escort service in Mumbai, we will mail you the pictures of girls as per your budget.

Leather Currency and High Profile-Escorts

Leather Currency is an integrated body which provides only high-profile escorts to various escort agencies of India. Therefore you can consider Leather Currency as a wholesaler of adult industry. In addition, we also provide female escorts to the individuals, so that they can get the best deal for Mumbai escort service.

There are 1000+ female models, actresses, female doctors, female IT engineers, air-hostess, and female celebrities are our member. And the number is growing day by day. Thus, to satisfy the sexual desires of Indian people and guests, we affiliate escort agencies of some metro-cities of India. By providing high-class girls to these agencies indirectly we are serving real buyers of different cities.

As Leather Currency is a Mumbai based company, thus we have decided to provide high-profile escort for Mumbai escorts service on retail basis. This will help the retail buyer of Mumbai to get the best option at much discounted price.

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New Model Escorts

Model Escorts @ Juhu, Colaba, Andheri East – West, Bandra East – West

In Mumbai, we have selected few localities where most of the 5 and 4 star hotels are present. Our high profile model escorts are also stayed nearby these localities. Thus we prefer to provide Mumbai escort service in these localities namely Juhu, Colaba, Andheri East – West, Bandra East – West.

In model escort segment you will have two options. One is new model escorts, in which aspiring female models can be booked to satisfy your sexual desires. And, the second one is celebrity model escorts. Celebrity models are those females which are well-known or already established. These celebrity models only prefer to accompany elite-class. Thus only VIPS and elite-class people are allowed to request us for model escort in Mumbai.

The basic difference between new model girls and celebrity models is the their profile and status. Only few talented and extremely beautiful aspiring models can get a chance to become celebrity escort. You can say it’s a journey for them which require dedication and charming personality.

If you wish or desire to make out with any of such high-class girl, then you simply need to book a hotel and also need to contact us.

Established Model Escorts Mumbai

Actress Escorts

Leather Currency has more options in high-profile escorts segment than anyone else. In this series we present actress escorts in Mumbai. In some cases, we also provide celebrity escorts to our members in their respective cities.

But remember, this segment is open only for verified clients and members. Therefore in first encounter with us do not expect to get actresses for Mumbai escort services. If this is your first time encounter with Leather Currency, than you can request for model escorts. Or you can request for TV Actress escorts or some Ramp model. Once you hire girls of this range by paying the donation of approx 1.5 to 3 Lakh, you will get eligible to accompany celebrity escorts in Mumbai or in your respective city.

We also provide our services in other cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Indore. If you are a verified client or member, then you can request to arrange high-profile escort in your city. I hope this information will help you to understand the level of our presence in escort industry. Rest of the information about actress escorts will be shared to the verified clients only.

Celebrity Escorts

In CELEBRITY ESCORTS, we provide those famous females who are Television Actress, Famous Models or Film Actress. We have options like South Indian Celebrity Escorts (Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam film actress escorts), Bollywood Celebrity Escorts (Hindi Cinema actress escorts), Punjabi Actress Escort, Marathi Actress Escorts and Bengali Actress Escorts. All the mentioned profiles are very hi-fi, and only available for VIP class.

VIP and Elite Class people are requested to contact us for celebrity companionship service. They need to follow some steps to avail the service of most expensive female escorts of India.